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Direct marketing regulations

Before marketing any product, a producer has to understand and comply with all food safety regulations applicable to that product. However, there are a number of other legal issues to consider as well. Am I zoned correctly to retail from my place of production? What kind of liability insurance do I need – for products, for workers on my farmer, for visitors? Do I need to charge sales tax for sales on farmers’ market produce, CSA shares, or agritourism venues? One thing is clear – it is better to ask about tax, safety and liability issues BEFORE they arise. In the case of direct marketing products at farmers’ markets or to restaurants, you will want to sit down with your county health inspector or regional food inspector to make sure you have all safety requirements covered.

Food safety regulations and requirements

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is responsible for enforcing the food code in Missouri. They are generally going to inspect farmers’ markets, small value-added processing operations, schools, restaurants, etc. They DO NOT inspect meat or meat products or poultry products. Refer to Missouri Department of Agriculture for information on state meat and poultry inspection. Federal meat inspection is handled by USDA and other agencies.

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Tax requirements for direct marketing in Missouri

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