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Missouri Beginning Farmers

An increasing number of individuals and families are thinking about starting to farm part-time, or converting from farming part-time to becoming a full-time farmer. To help those who are relatively new to farming, an interdisciplinary team has assembled a wide range of information and online publications under topic headings on the left side of this page.

While these online resources can be of great assistance, you may also want to consider opportunities for a class or workshop aimed at beginning farmers in Missouri (by USDA definition a beginning farmer has farmed for nine years or less). Through funding support from University of Missouri Extension and a three-year grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Beginning Farmer Program, we are offering two main types of educational opportunities. For people just starting out with farming, we recommend participating in a Grow Your Farm class. These are offered in several regions of Missouri and generally meet in the evening once a week for 10 weeks. Another option is to participate in a one or two day workshop that provides more in-depth information on specific topics, such as horticultural production or husbandry of sheep and goats; workshops currently scheduled are listed under the calendar section on the right side of this page. These resources are available to you through the joint efforts of the University of Missouri, Jefferson Institute and Lincoln University.

While starting a new farm can be a daunting endeavor, the good news is there are more resources than ever before to assist you with developing a successful farming business. Take advantage of these information resources, courses, and government programs available to you. Some good resources to start reading are:

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